April 20, 2020

Episode 2: Athletic Labor and COVID-19

In this episode, Derek and Nathan dig in to the place of athletic labor and fandom in the midst of global health and economic crisis. What does it say when Dr. Anthony Fauci is calling for a return to sport even as he tries to protect the rest of US society? The hosts zoom in on professional baseball and college football to examine the health and economic stakes of restarting sports at the expense of athlete health and safety and raise the question of what might happen if more athletes' voices are included in decision-making.
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You can find the full story of "Curtis" here, and Andrew Boselli's statement on his experience with coronavirus here, and Joshua Clover's brilliant essay on biopolitics here.



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**For a transcription of this episode please click here. Huge thanks to @Punkadmic for making this happen!**

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