March 18, 2021

Episode 66: The Plantation Dynamics of College Sport

On this episode of The End of Sport, Nathan, Johanna, and Derek talk about the plantation dynamics of revenue generating college sports and higher education. This episode accompanies a recent piece published in The Guardian, entitled "'I Signed My Life to Rich White Guys': Athletes on the Racial Dynamics of College sports," that explicitly tries to amplify the voice of athletic workers on the racial dynamics in revenue generating NCAA sport.

For a much deeper analysis of the plantation dynamics in college athletics, we urge you to check out The Black Athlete podcast and their latest episode where Drs. Louis Moore and Derrick White discuss the recent controversies surrounding racism, exploitation and the Black athlete. You will also be interested in Dr. Billy Hawkins' book The New Plantation: Black Athletes, College Sports, and Predominantly White NCAA Institutions, which is the basis for this entire episode. We also discuss Dr. Victoria Jackson's 2018 piece in LA Times, "Take it From a Former Division I Athlete: College Sports are Like Jim Crow."

For a transcription of this episode, please click here. (Updated semi-regularly Credit @punkademic)

Research Assistance for The End of Sport provided by Abigail Bomba.


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