May 22, 2020

Episode 11: Bootstraps and Baseball

In this episode, we get a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the world of US professional baseball. Nathan speaks with Dirk Hayhurst, a former Major League Baseball pitcher with the Toronto Blue Jays and San Diego Padres, as well as a long-time Minor Leaguer. He is a former Sportsnet and TBS broadcaster and the author of four books: The Bullpen Gospels, Out of My League, Wild Pitches, and Bigger than the Game.  

Nathan and Dirk discuss the preposterously poor working conditions in Minor League Baseball, why players endure those conditions, and how the world of US baseball reproduces the logic of the American Dream. Dirk also explains how he lied his way into getting drafted and reveals a never-before-told story about how the rampant sexual harassment and misogyny of the locker room extends into broadcasting.

For more of Dirk's thoughts on the working conditions of Minor League Baseball, check out this Bleacher Report piece. For more of Dirk and Nathan in conversation, check out this piece they co-authored last year in Jacobin.



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**For a transcription of this episode please click here. Huge thanks to @Punkadmic for making this happen!**

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