November 16, 2020

Episode 52: Fascism, Spectacle, and Politics with Maximillian Alvarez and Sina Rahmani

In this somewhat off-brand episode, Johanna and Nathan are joined by friends Dr. Maximillian Alvarez (our first repeat guest!) and Dr. Sina Rahmani to wade through the all-consuming political moment in the United States. Maximillian Alvarez is host of Working People and editor-in-chief of The Real News. Sina Rahmani is host of The East is a Podcast and producer of The Red Nation.

After our election-based two-week hiatus, this is a ranging conversation about the implications of the U.S. election. We dig into debates on the left about 'woke' politics, fascism, and how much there is to celebrate when an imperial power selects a new figurehead. We also delve into the role of media, both mainstream and alternative, and return to the question of the significance of sport in left media, and how both sport and politics offer ways for people to cope with and negotiate capitalist life.

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For a transcription of this episode, please click here. (Updated semi-regularly Credit @punkademic)

Show Producer: Tristan Loper


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