May 6, 2020

Episode 6: Not Your Average Athlete Interview

In this episode, Derek and Nathan conduct their first *athlete interview.* They chat with Liz Knox, a retired professional hockey goaltender, CWHL Clarkson Cup champion, CIS Brodrick Trophy winner, CWHL all-star captain, and former co-chair of the CWHLPA, and, currently, one of nine players on the board of the PWHPA. The interview breaks down the complex world of women's hockey and frankly examines the harsh conditions therein. It also explores how Liz and her colleagues are reconceptualizing labour action in high-performance spectator sport.

You can find the Hockey in Society article by Courtney Szto here and Liz's comments on the CFL here.



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**For a transcription of this episode please click here. Huge thanks to @Punkadmic for making this happen!**

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