March 10, 2021

Episode 65: College Football and the Re-making of Oklahoma with Andrew McGregor

On this episode of The End of Sport, Johanna and Derek sit down with historian Dr. Andrew McGregor of Dallas College to talk about the history of American football, public historical work, and (some) of the problems with sports media and its complicity in reproducing harm in sport. 

How did Oklahoma remake itself through football in the post-Cold War period? We dive into this question in a fascinating discussion of the history of Oklahoma football. The second half of the show focuses on Andrew’s wonderful public history work as founder of the Sport in American History Blog and his critical takes that have been published in, among others, Inside Higher Education. We also chat at length about how academia and sports media at times work hand in hand to protect the harms associated with college football. 

Andrew McGregor is an American historian of politics, culture, intellectualism, and sport. He is a Professor of History at Dallas College at the Mountain View campus in Texas. He is the author of several academic articles as well as the founder of the great sport history blog, Sport in American History. He is moreover working on an impressive 3 book publications, 1 of which is his dissertation-turned-book manuscript about postwar Oklahoma and football that we’ll discuss today.


For a transcription of this episode, please click here. (Updated semi-regularly Credit @punkademic)

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