May 3, 2021

Episode 70: Gender Expansive Gymnastics with Half In, Half Out

In this very special episode of The End of Sport, Johanna is joined in co-hosting duties by friend of the show Dr. Georgia Cervin to interview founders and co-hosts of the Half In, Half Out podcast, Blake and Kino, the only LGBTQ+ focused gymnastics podcast, to discuss the genesis of the show and LGBTQ+ culture in the gymnastics world. The discussion focuses on how despite the labor of folks across the gymnastics landscape, the sport remains an exclusive space in need of major reformation. Blake and Kino also walks us through the creation of the podcast, its wide impact, and the reception it has received from folks within and outside the sport.

Follow Blake, Kino, and the Half In, Half Out podcast on all the socials, and check out Kino and Blake’s “How to Host a Pride Meet: A Guide from Half In, Half Out Podcast”!

**Episode disclaimers: 1) Kino and Blake did not attend the Pride meet referenced in the show – we just want to make that clear as it was lost in the recording; 2) we had a few recording issues with this episode – we had to re-record parts of this episode due to technical errors. Our sincerest apologies if some of the discussion does not align perfectly or is somewhat inconsistent. We also wanted to send a HUGE THANKS to Blake and Kino for their help with this episode. Wow! What wonderful folks over there at Half In, Half Out! 3) For those new to this topic there are a few acronyms mentioned in the show that may benefit from some explanation: MAG = Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (but they use MAG b/c not everyone who does MAG is a man); WAG = Women's Artistic Gymnastics (same); T&T = trampoline and tumbling


For a transcription of this episode, please click here. (Updated semi-regularly Credit @punkademic)

Research Assistance for The End of Sport provided by Abigail Bomba.


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